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54 sangres

This track is about some of the realities of living in Mexico, both endearing and gruesome. It is a collaboration between Rendering and Isabel De Heza, a visual artist from Mexico City. It is a poem written and recited by Isa that talks about the consequences that the seizing of lands has had on the indigenous people, and how much blood of environmental activists has been spilled. Rendering offers a granulated, breathy background, that immerses you into the profoundness of Mexicos most beloved nature.

Durme Durme

Durme Durme is a traditional Sephardic Jewish lullaby, sung primarily throughout regions in Turkey. The objective of this project was to take monophonic, melody based middle eastern music, and introduce it to the world of granular synthesis and processing; connecting old melodies with an electronic sound, playing with the dynamics of old and new. The idea is to have percussion and singers live, whilst recordings of the voice are being synthesized within Ableton Lives Granular II, creating a mass of auditive textures that will eventually turn into what electronic musicians like to call, “wall of sound”. 

On the Surface

This song is under the band name Ptolemy, a band started in 2022 that Rendering is currently a part of. It talks about the fear of rejection and the pain of heartbreak. It was written by the drummer and songwriter Michele DiRienzo and brought to life with the rest of the band.