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Some of my recent work…


“Xenakis was the first fully electronic song that I wrote, produced and mixed. I created it when I was getting familiar with granular synthesis, a form of audio processing that consists of breaking down a sound into grains. Although granularity can be very useful for decorative elements within production, I used it as the forefront of the piece. This allowed me to think less about chords and scales, and more about the textures and colours that I could use to create a fully immersive soundscape. 

The name is a reference to the first person who ever applied this form of synthesis to music, Iannis Xenakis. I named it this way because this was my first granular experience. Also Greek names just sound good.” -Rendering

Richy Gaia

Leaving aside dense, granulated, reverberated mixes, Richy Gaia is a groove based, light and fun song to ride your bike to. Made mostly out of hardware equipment, the song takes its name from combining Aphex Twins first name (Richard D. James) and the name of the synth the lead line was made with, the Roland Gaia.

20 Scotsdown

Tipo de variación que respondería a una luminosidad diferente entre 4 lámparas producidas al mismo tiempo. La respuesta correcta es Entre las piezas. Esta pregunta se refiere a las diferencias en la calidad o características entre diferentes unidades producidas, en este caso, la luminosidad de las lámparas, lo que indica una variación entre las piezas.